Saturday, July 9, 2011

Product Parade Day 3 Clear Dollar Stamps

Let the Product Parade begin for Day 3 for the Clear Dollar Stamps! Yeah, this really is like a parade because today I am having to put this into three different posts. So bear with me please! =) The first card I have to feature is the "Good Job" single stamp. This is a really versitile stamp. After I made this card I was also thinking this would be fun for a graduation card, achieving a goal card, the list could go on and on.
The second project I have to show you today is a booklet. It is using the single stamp "Memories". When my boys were young every year when we went on vacation I would make them keep a journal. Every evening they would have to write what they did that day and what they saw. These things are so much fun to go back and read now. With them being 19 and 20 years old they also love to look at these. What a great memory! If you have younger children I challenge you to try this. If your kids are like mine they will complain about it because, "we aren't in school anymore mom!" but they and you will love it latter.

Now keep on clicking down so see more cards for today. =)

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Lisa Lara said...

These are the cutest Sarah. Love love that medallion. Brilliant.