Thursday, March 21, 2019

Where have I been??

Have you been wondering where I have been?  Well, let me share for a minute.  I will be back on track soon - or I hope!  We have been doing some remodeling.  We have a older home so a little remodeling turns into a longer remodeling time because when you get into one thing you find out very quickly you need to fix something else.  My craft room had a bathroom attached.  We wanted the bathroom updated and the craft room floor redone along with a new layout among other things.    Well, we ended up with a lot more new than we thought we would have but it is all good.  I no longer have any workers in my home but....that means I am still cleaning up and putting away.  But things are getting closer.  Yeah!  I hope to be back soon.  Fingers crossed!  I missed Valentines and St. Pattys day cards and I am bound and determined not to miss Easter cards.  LOL

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