Friday, June 12, 2015

Sad News!!

My laptop died the other day. =(  They think the back light has gone out?!?!  So it has been sent off to get fixed.  I was told that it will probably be about a month.  But, he said, "if you get it sooner be happy".  So I will be MIA for a while.  The worrisome news is that I rarely back up.  So I might loose everything.  =( !!!!  So keep your fingers crossed for me and take a few minutes and back your computer up.  My hubby asks me all the time if I back up - my response, "Oh yeah, I need to do that".  Well, now I am nervous!!  I will be back as soon as I can.  But, I might start back on some quilling now that all my digital stamps are in the mail somewhere.
Happy crafting to you all!!  Hope to see you again soon!  


Jeannie said...

Oh no! My fingers are crossed for you, and thanks for the reminder to back my stuff up again.

Jeannie T.

Donna said...

I'll miss you! Donna

L.Wilson said...

Hope you didn't lose anything important like all your images! Hang in there girl and let us know when you're safe again. Hugs!